Meet Christi Stills

Christi Stills is a composer and pianist in Maryville TN. Her music is available on streaming sites globally. Check out her in concert November 10th at 6pm at Beechgrove Baptist church in Louisville.

A song is usually accompanied by a memory. Music’s influences have played an important roll
in my upbringing from my earliest years. My father would sing and let me strum his guitar while
he held the frets – Mom daily enjoyed listening to the radio or hifi during my toddler years. A
small, humble church choir allowed me to participate from the time I was just beginning to take
my first steps! Music naturally became a part of my very being. Even as I was still deciphering
the vocabulary of grown-up conversation, the individual tones of the musical scale were
developing into my “second language.” A fascination with film score and its emotional effects
planted seeds for future imagination at the piano. Amusingly, I reflect back on the thrill of
discovering the melody line of the TV commercial for Mello Yello in my pre-teen years.
Among the delightful places I have once lived in the world, opportunity has paved its way for me
to be involved in church music – from cantata accompaniments to dramas – some of which I have
composed. Also, one of the most satisfying quests of my journey as a musician has been in
teaching young people develop their skills for playing the piano. Much of my composing journey
has taken place because of the individual needs of my students. The arrangement of the notes
and the sound of the melody should captivate the student in an infectious way, so that there is
desire to revisit a piece of music. Success arises when at the end of a lesson, a student exclaims,
“Wait! We’re done already?!!”
Ultimately, my pursuit to fulfill a request for a recording of piano hymn arrangements blossomed
into an adventurous journey of making professional recordings. In November of 2018, I recorded
an album of sacred selections called All the Day Long. Nearly six months later, I set out to
record a second album – this time a collection of original compositions called Lavender Fog – an
album inspired by the earth’s beauty and enchantment that only a Divine Creator could imagine
and produce. Both albums have been complimented with affectionate reviews by friends and new
Music is a powerful element. It’s reflective nature can awaken feelings of warmth. Or sadness.
Or joy. Or curiosity. Or emotions we never knew existed. Inspiration to compose most often
makes itself present at very random times. It is a God-given gift that sometimes gushes like a
shooting fountain, or on occasion, dries itself up completely for a season. “Every good thing
given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom
there is no variation or shifting shadow.” I am eternally grateful for the gifts of inspiring seasons
God has given to me, and one of my most rewarding benefits is, in fact, the blessing of
connecting with the hearts of other people through music.
I’m ecstatic to announce that fresh composition projects are currently in the works! I would be
tremendously blessed by your support as upcoming releases are expected to arrive within the next
year. God bless you!


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